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About us

"Innovation and research to fully close the loop of the plastic value chain"

Test centre on a mission

The NTCP is a not-for-profit organisation and the first independent test centre with facilities on sorting and washing on industrial scale in Europe. In our facility in Heerenveen we conduct independent tests, challenging experiments, and research in order to contribute to closing the plastics value chain. While we work in a structured and data analytical way, we are pragmatic, which helps us provide our clients with advice that can easily be translated or applied into practice.

We keep our mission in mind with everything we do: 'Innovation and research to fully close the loop of the plastic value chain'. As an independent test and research centre we are accessible for every organisation and other relevant stakeholders within the circular plastic value chain. 

The timeline of the NTCP

Timeline NTCP

Accelerate circular goals

The NTCP was established at the end of 2018 in order to accelerate the circular objectives for plastics recycling. The Dutch National Government, the province of Fryslân and the Dutch Packaging Waste Fund contributed to the actual realisation of the test centre and its facilities. With their strong ambition to accelerate the optimisation and innovation in the circular plastics value chain, these organisations acknowledged the urgency and need in the market for test and research capability on the relevant industrial scale. By facilitating the development of the NTCP they created an independent and accessible facility that encourages collaboration in the value chain.

With our test facility for the sorting and washing process of plastics on a pilot scale, the NTCP is the first test centre which is representative for large-scale industrial installations.  The practical tests and experiments with real  waste streams result in a continuous data collection that helps stakeholders from the chain to accelerate their circular objectives.

We have linked our own objectives to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. With our activities, we help our clients meet these Sustainable Development Goals:

Why plastics require determined action

Plastic is an excellent packaging material: it is light, strong, and preserves food for a long time. It exists in countless forms, sizes, colours and flexibility. However, exactly its diversity is the reason why it is so difficult to sort and recycle plastic packaging from household waste correctly.

PlasticsEurope reported that in 2018 42% of plastic packaging waste was recycled (source: 'Plastics the facts 2020'). Additionally, 39.5% was used for energy recovery and 18.5% went to landfills. This means that less than half of the plastic packaging waste in Europe is recycled. Moreover, the 42% that is being recycled does not all end up as new packaging ,but mostly ends up in low-quality products. 

This is exactly why the NTCP has been established: this can and must be done better!

Plastic Pact

In 2019, 75 parties signed the Plastic Pact NL, including the NTCP. The pact points out the goals for the situation in 2025. In a nutshell, the parties have committed themselves to using less plastic, to reusing more plastic (using more recycled plastic in their products), to recycle more and to make all new plastic 100% recyclable. In this way, we handle our raw materials better and we have less impact on the environment. Many European countries have also signed a Plastic Pact. The NTCP supports Dutch and foreign organizations in achieving their objectives.

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Diversity & Inclusion

NTCP management supports the importance the European Union gives to gender equality and the aim of gender equality in research, development, and innovation. NTCP acknowledges the value of a diverse workforce and its vital role in NTCP’s innovative strength. NTCP expresses its commitment to ensuring the creation of an inclusive working environment where all NTCP employees, regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation, nationality etc., must have the same opportunities, be able to develop themselves as much as possible and – of course – be themselves within the NTCP organisation.

Within NTCP, support for gender equality is part of a broader ambition to strengthen diversity and inclusion (D&I). In the document you will find an outline of the diversity and inclusion measures, policies and activities developed at NTCP.