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Arrival ballistic separator


Another shipment of equipment - today the ballistic separator!

The ballistic separator

A ballistic separator sorts material based on shape:

  • rolling material (3D) falls down
  • flat and flexible material (2D) is transported upwards
  • fine small parts fall through the grids / pedals of the ballistic separator

The separation is made by the eccentric movement of the ballistic separator's paddles. Due to the eccentric movement, the 2D / flexible material is thrown up, while the 3D material is rolling downwards.

2D and 3D

A ball is 3D, a piece of flat paper is 2D. But what if an object is in between? A meal salad PET dish can be seen as an object that is more 3D than 2D, meat products tray can be seen more as a 2D object.

3D and 2D is therefore not a black-and-white-concept, a ballistic separator can be set in such a way that the separation between 3D and 2D takes place on the desired dimensions.